Is it the Global standardization / Adaptation

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Is it the Global standardization / Adaptation 	 Empty Is it the Global standardization / Adaptation

Post  ConnieDouglas on Wed Feb 09, 2011 11:25 am

The marketing concepts hold that consumer needs vary and that marketing programs will be more effective when they are tailored to each target group. The world is becoming a common market place in which people, no matter where they live, but everyone desires the same product and lifestyles. The development of the web, the rapid spread of cable and satellite TV around the world and the global linking of telecommunications networks have lead to convergence of lifestyles.

The convergence of needs and wants has created global markets for standardized products particularly among the young middle class. They focus on similarities across worlds markets and sensible forces the standardized products and services on the entire globe. These global marketers achieve economies through standardization of production, distribution, marketing and management. They translate their efficiency into greater value for consumers by offering high quality services and more reliable products at lower prices. Looking for plus size models is such a way of offering service to customers by way of qualitative and productive demonstration.

Many companies have tries and are trying to launch their version of world product. Yet, some products require some adaptation. Rather than assuming that its domestic product can be introduces as is in another country, the company should review elements like the product features, the rand name, labeling,packaging,color,advertising execution, advertising themes, advertising media so on. Consumerís behavior dramatically differs across markets. Beside demand side difference, other types of supply side differences can also prevail. Itís the flexible manufacturing techniques that make the product easy to produce, which matches with the requirement of different countries. Studies have proved that, even though companies are adapting lots of techniques, less than half of it is actually adapted by the foreign countries.


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