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You have the option to return your item within 14 days of the date received. If the unit is in manufacture original sealed box  or in manufacture original condition, it is subject to a 10% restock fee. If Manufacture sealed was broken or not in manufacture original condition, but no missing accessory, it is subject 25% restock fee. Other case will incur restocking fees of up to 80%. Please note that all serial numbers are recorded for each unit shipped.
If your unit is DOA at the time of delivery, please contact us within 48 hours. After that contact the manufacture.

1) International Shipments:
We ship via FedEx,DHL & UPS.Its free shipping
We ship the same day.once the payment is Confirmed

2) When should i be expecting my order?
Its depends on your country.Country listed below
Are 4-6 working days Shipment,Others are 3-4 days.

United State of America-Canada-Bahamas-United Kingdom- Andorra-Armenia-Aruba
Belarus-Belgium-Belize-Bermuda-Bolivia-Bosnia Herzegovina-Brazil
Bulgaria-Cayman Islands-Chile-Colombia-Costa Rica-Croatia-Cuba-Cyprus
Czech Republic-Denmark-Dominica-Dominican Republic-Ecuador-United Arab Emirates
Austria-Azerbaijan-Estonia-Ukraine- Faroe Islands-Finland-France-French Guiana
Haiti-Holy See-Honduras-Hungary-Iceland-Ireland-Italy-Latvia-Malta-Mexico

3) Question?
Please email us with your any question, we will reply as soon as we can.
Email-   info/at/m-musiz.com

Pioneer DJM 350 2 Channel DJ Mixer With Effects...$350
Pioneer DJM 700 Standard Mid Range Professional Digital DJ Mixer..$600
Pioneer DJM 750 4 Channel Performance Digital DJ Mixer...$600
Pioneer DJM 900SRT Professional DJ Mixer for Serato DJ...$2200
Pioneer DJM 900NXS Professional DJ Mixer...$899
Pioneer DJM 850 4 Channel Performance DJ Mixer..$800
Pioneer DJM 2000NX Professional DJ Mixer...$2,399
Pioneer SVM 1000 Professional Audio Video Mixer...$3,699
Pioneer XDJ R1 All in One Wireless Performance DJ System...$400
Pioneer DDJ SX Performance DJ Controller White...$599
Pioneer DDJ SX Performance DJ Controller Gold...$599

Pioneer DDJ SX Performance DJ Controller Black...$399
Pioneer DDJSZ Professional DJ Controller for Serato...$2,239
Pioneer SR Performance DJ Controller SR...$350
Pioneer CDJ 350 Performance Digital Multi Player...$349
Pioneer Professional CDJ 900NXS....$699
Pioneer Professional Tabletop Multi Player...$600
Pioneer CDJ 850 Performance Multi Player...$450
Pioneer Professional CDJ 2000NXS....$999
Platinum Limited Edition System...$3,699

American DJ Vizi Beam Hybrid 2R High Output Moving Head..$700
American DJ VIZI BEAM-5R Moving Head w 5R Lamp...$700
American DJ Vizi Spot 5R Moving Head Effect Light...$700
American DJ INN849 50 Watt Roller LED Scanner Effect...$249
American DJ Nucleus LED 6 Light Disco Lighting Effect...$300
American DJ INNO Spot Elite High Powered Moving Head...$700
American DJ Crazy 8  Moving Head with 8 Beam Effects...$600
American DJ Freq Matrix Quad LED Strobe Lighting Chase Effect..$249
American DJ INN650 80 Watt LED Professional Moving Head..$449

American DJ Event Bar Q4 Quad RGBW LED Light EVE565...$400
American DJ Dotz Matrix 16x 30W Cob RGB LED Wash Blinder Effect..$599
American DJ Dotz Flood 6x 30W Cob RGB LED Wash Blinder Effect...$280
American DJ INNO Color Beam Z19 High Powered Moving Head...$700
American DJ INNO Beam LED 80W White Moving Head...$400
American DJ FS600LED 8-Colored LED Follow Spot...$249
American DJ 3 Sixty 2R Dual Moving Head LED Light..$2,299
American DJ INNO Color Beam Z7 RGBW LED Wash Yoke...$599
American DJ Hypnotic RGB Red Green Blue Laser Light Effect..$299

Chauvet Intimidator Wash Zoom 350 IRC LED Moving Head Light..$499
Chauvet Intimidator Wash Zoom 250 IRC LED Moving Head Light...$399
Chauvet Intimidator Spot LED 350 DMX Moving Head Light...$499
Chauvet Motionset LED Curtain Backdrop and Facade Set...$299
Chauvet Intimidator Spot Duo LED Dual Moving Head Light Effect..$249
Chauvet Intimidator Spot LED 350 DMX Moving Head Light White...$449

Rane sixty Eight professional USB DJ mixer...$2,400
Rane mp2016S rotary mixer xp2016S Processor...$450
Rane MLM 65 Mic Line Mixer with USB...$500
Rane DEQ 60L 2 channel graphic equalizer...$500
Rane MP25 Club Mixer with usb Streaming...$700
Rane sixty One mixer with serato...$700
Rane MA 4 Multichannel Amplifier...$600
Rane Sixty Two Performance Mixer...$900
Rane C4 Quad Compressor...$450
Rane g4 Quad gate expander..$450
Rane AM2 Auto mixer....$500
Rane AM1 Auto mixer Mixer...$450
Rane MP2016S Rotary Mixer....$700
Rane MP26 Club Mixer....$800
Rane Sixty four Mixer Mixer...$2,099

PreSonus Studio Live 328AI Active Integration Loudspeaker...$799
PreSonus Studio Live 315aI active Integration loudspeakers....$750
PreSonus Studio Live 312al active Integration loudspeaker...$700
PreSonus Studio Live 18sAI 18 Active Sub woofer....$600
PreSonus ADL 700 1 channel....$800
PreSonus Studio Live AI Series 32.4.2AI....$2000
PreSonus ADL 600 2 Channel.....$2300
Presonus Studio live 16.0.2 Digital Mixer System....$700

Behringer X32 RACK...$600
Behringer X32P Producer Digital Mixer...$900
Behringer x32 tp compact digital mixer.....$2300
Behringer X32 Compact Digital Mixer....$2200
Behringer X32 Digital Mixer 32 Channel....$2500

Numark 4TRAK 4-Channel Traktor Controller...$400
Numark NS6 4-Channel Digital DJ Controller and Mixer...$400
Numark NS7II 4-Channel Motorized DJ Controller and Mixer...$800

All Price should be in MYR,But some of our customers found it difficult.Converting to their currency,that was the motive why we used us dollar.


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